I found her!

One night, as I gazed
The stars above,
I met a girl
And she looks like you,
She talks like you.
She laughs like you.
She smiles like you.
Her eyes glitter like yours.
She has this kind of force
That makes my time stop –
That makes me fall
The way I fell for you.

I met someone like you,
Her words are also filled
With flowers’ fields –
With butterflies –
With stars in the night.
Her words are as colorful
As yours.
They’re beautiful
To hear.
She’s beautiful
Like you, my dear.

I met someone like you,
My love.
She dances like you.
She goes with the music
Of the mellifluous wind.
She sings and speaks
The way your lips
And voice create
A honey-flavored trip
In my tickled ears –
Inside my head –
Inside my heart –
A romantic art.

I met someone like you,
I found someone like you.
I met her.
I found her
While my heart
Was crying,
And losing
A billion beats
Because of the memories
You left with me.

I met someone like you.
She looks like you.
She smiles like you.
She talks like you.
And even though
She never looks at me.

I met someone like you.
I have a choice to fall for her
And I did fall into her deep eyes.


An Open Letter!


Once a wise man said,”What defines us is how we rise after falling”. Life is so experiencing that you’ll fall each and every moment. But I guess that’s good. I don’t care what people say because everyone doesn’t go through everything that you’re facing at this moment. I can see you isolated in that darkness by having some ray of light in your emotions, words, and feelings. You too are a fighter for your own destiny.

I see a honesty in your eyes which is the best thing you have. You’re so positive that it motivates me. I’ve started believing in myself again which is the biggest thing I conquered on. I was all lost in that shitty world having no focus, patience, and vision. I see you as a very interesting, undiscovered, charming soul which I feel is rare. I don’t know why but I see the pain in your eyes with an expression of happiness over your face. The best part is you accepted your own downfall in your stories. That’s the magic of stories. I used to think that I’m always right but that was my biggest misconception about myself. A person has to be wrong then only he can be right one day. 

Your words seem to be directional but your eyes hide everything. That’s the biggest treasure you have.  That’s what you are and I can say this blindly without looking into your eyes again, they’re as deep as your thoughts. You know I came across many people in my life and to be honest I could sense lies in their words. But your eyes are so honest that every time when I get a glimpse of it I wish not to fall deeper which tends to infinity. I wish I could walk those known streets with you. You know a person who accepts his or her mistake are the ones who are not the worst. They are actually the best ones. You can’t change the past but you can make things according to you to an extent. You are a diamond in that mine full of coal. Consider me that miner who found you. You no longer belong to that mine. You belong somewhere, where people can see your worth. And not everyone can afford you. That’s your beauty.

I was about to get absorbed in that black hole of my life and there was no coming back from it but I did. I always knew that something will always be there inside me, that single feeling will never let me give up. The depths you hold are just making me afraid to discover you. To be honest I’ve faced death 9 times in my life. It was like I passed the last path of death but death didn’t accept me. That every single time I learned something from it that you’ll survive and you’ll fight for your own sake. If you stop facing problems in life then you can’t rise. 

“You begin the life alone but you don’t die alone”. Memories die along with you.  We have to go so far that you can’t imagine. I know someday I’m gonna meet you at the path you’ve chosen to travel. That day I won’t let you feel alone for a single nanosecond. 

The shadows of your heart are hanging in the sweet, sweet air… 


Don’t know where to start as there was a lot inside him. A feeling of disappointment, being used, frustration, sacrifice & failure.
And still he was gazing & moving forward facing the crowd, carrying the same manipulative smile as always so that he could escape from reality. But escaping wasn’t so easy, it let’s you go into a dilemma.

“Smile is sometimes the best way to cover a your inner wears & pain.”

He loved his own world full of drama & philosophy. He was happy that way. He used to feel every single emotion very sensibly. And then his stars went to an excited state, thus leaving the ground one. He always knew that, Change is constant & was about to undergo one. Life was so experiencing for him that he knew nature has decided something best for him but a little patience & some sacrifices could lead him there for sure. But he didn’t know one thing that he’s about to meet someone who could change his life. Actually nobody knows what’s gonna happen.
Till the time he had realised that love & affection is all fake noways or simply the world’s fake. But still he was still real as if the thing in him was pure. There aren’t ten’s of people like him, he was the only one & has the fake world behind him. It was the era when you pray for someone & that person will curse you. If you bring someone out of darkness into the light then he’ll be the one to show us darkness when its their turn.

“The one we show our treasury is the one to who empties it.”

The sub-story started inside the story that he already had & the thriller started with a mystery. The mystery of the finding a reality as he could see everything imitating. He was badly in search for the truth & he made the truth come to him on his own.

“Sometimes institutions can lead you to the right direction.”

And he discovered someone who was walking parallel into the crowd. Someone he could see fading deep inside.
A beauty who still looks innocent like just sixteen, who roams in the unknown city like she know everyone in the town. Someone who give gifts to her parents & takes her friends to bar. Someone who takes care of everyone even though no one never asks how she is. But she thinks all this is her duty.
And he named her, “The Girl with Big Heart”. He could see the reality in her, as if she’s undiscovered.

But he didn’t knew whatever he could imagine is real.

– The writer who writes!

Faithless Second

I feel like writing, again with the pain that I had. I have no damn idea about how these past few months passed as it were full of ups and downs with some happiness and majority of disappointments. I feel finding yourself is about first losing yourself just for that clear view of yourself. I found someone who always listened to me even at that darkest hours. But today I lost her.

When I rewind last few months of my life, I feel she had been my drug but addiction to any drug is dangerous & has side effects. The problem is my disappointment for myself. I can say that is most conflicting feeling. It somewhere breaks you down. It’s like drinking Beer with coke. There are few things that I realised while going through these moments, You can never fulfil someone’s expectations, you can never focus on yourself if you’ve not narcissistic for yourself, you first have to think about yourself at this stage of your life otherwise you’ll end up getting fucked, hardly. Everyone has their experiences which shapes them in such a way that they create their priorities. Even I do have, preparing for a job which needs focus, time, creativity and most importantly mental peace.

People say you can never buy happiness with money then why do you feel sad when you lose some bucks. I see when you want to become independent then money becomes your first priority and you work hard to earn it. And it gives you happiness, believe me.

I’ll miss her everyday and I know that but its better that she at-least live happily in her life without me. You helped me finding a direction in life. I couldn’t have found myself without losing myself. You’re the one who have been given credit for it. Thank you for everything that you gave me. You have always been a wonderful friend. I’ll miss you.

Goodbye, Miss Sweetest!

The Girl who crossed the Fence!

Isolation, the state which she always preferred while connecting the dots of those broken pieces of life. But she’s a bucket full of happiness and luck. When I first met her, she was living in a virtual world full of lies. She was pathless. She was in state of believe someone although believe is also a dilemma of lie. She made me confuse with her lies but those lies took me to her world which made me realise that, “Don’t Judge a book by its cover”.

She had no idea about focus, patience, & hope. She couldn’t connect the dots. Then she came to me with her hands open to get held by me as if I was that Jadoo of Koi Mil Gaya. And the magic happened. She started believing that change is constant and it must happen in order to maintain the balance of nature and us. Sometimes natural things are the work of art. She’s the perfect example of that.

I still remember the day she learned the importance of fighting for yourself. She made her grew a level up, although she lacked patience but she saw a ray of hope in me to take her to the highway not just roads. She wanted her speed to be at the peak and unstoppable. She understood that experiencing life is something very important. She was afraid of committing any mistakes, but she was more afraid of the consequences of the mistakes. I was shocked after such a tragic change in her. She was all set to commit mistakes, learn from them & grow like a rockstar. She created new beliefs of her own and eventually she started living with them.

She had a lot to vent out but she made those things change into her strength and fight. She was a born traditional warrior who believed in mind rather than physical strength. Finally she found the real her.

But who knew she’s become crazy and hot by just making some change into her configuration settings. The best part of her is now her honestly, sweetness, dramatic, less tantrums, understanding, a bit mature for the sake of her survival.

One fine day, she confessed something which forced her to climb the fence and cross it and go to the world full of happiness, positivity and honesty.

… and she’s happy now in those realistic situations of life. Look she grew up.